Our Leadership

How We Began…

Tara Hardwick, President and founder of MCA, was introduced to the EMS industry when asked to write the first ambulance software with electronic billing capabilities in 1986. Her background involved monitoring employee medical insurance benefits and led to a position as a Computer Systems Engineer at a major West Virginia based company. Since then, she has been instrumental in assisting many departments to bill for the very first time. Among her many contributions, she has been asked to develop a mutual aid program in the state of Kentucky, serve on state Medicaid task forces and assist in the development of the national list of condition codes and modifiers. She has also been involved several times in the testing and debugging of insurance carriers’ systems when format or coding changes were required. Her latest project has been overseeing the development of MCA’s ePCR software.


MCA was established in 1986, when privately-owned ambulance services were just beginning operations in our region and volunteer agencies were not billing. After seeing the resources provided to the private companies, volunteer agencies became interested in billing. MCA was instrumental in helping volunteer squads through the transition to charging for their services. Despite the volunteers’ fears, the public supported the change. New equipment was purchased, new buildings were built and volunteers were eventually paid for their time. It was a win-win situation. As a result, Kentucky Medicare asked us to develop a mutual aid system for the state, and so, MCA was born.



The MCA Difference…

At MCA, we go above and beyond ambulance billing and collections. We analyze your current operations and advise on how to improve them. We customize our systems to meet your specific needs. You’ll feel like we’re right next door – like we’re a department within your organization. Our goal is to make your life easier and your department more profitable. There are NO hidden costs. We even offer our field data collection software, MCA ePCR, free to our MCA clients. MCA was among the first to have its systems ready for HIPAA compliance. Your patients’ confidentiality is paramount. We employ an in-house compliance officer and our people are trained in HIPAA compliance. Someone is always available to answer your questions and respond to your needs in a friendly and professional manner. Dial our toll-free number anytime with questions or concerns.


"MCA, Inc. lifted the burden from us of processing medical claims at a critical time of personnel shortage and continued our billing without disruption.  MCA is a professional company that conducts business in a competent and efficient manner!"
Bob Gainer, Director,
Boyd County EMS