Our Foundation

MCA is a ground breaking pioneer in billing for Emergency Medical Services!

Your introduction to our company will be slightly different from the usual. Yes, we have over 150 clients, over 50 employees, our own building (debt-free), proprietary software, and services that compare with many of our competitors. However, we have something unique: our history.


When you think of cameras, you think of Kodak. When you think of computers, you think of IBM. When you think of light bulbs, you think of GE. MCA has something in common with these industry leaders. We were first and we have steadily grown and enhanced our products without looking to outside sources for any portion of our development.


· Tara wrote the first software to ever bill electronically for transportation services.


· MCA assisted the WV Medicaid program in debugging their software in order to allow claims to be electronically billed to them.


· We played an integral part in establishing the calculations for incorporating in our programs criteria to offer our clients reporting to allow them to pay their Medicaid Enhancement taxes correctly.


· MCA was asked to create a program for Medicare to process mutual aid claims.


· MCA was on a task force to help establish the national CMS condition codes.


· LATEST GROUNDBREAKER!! MCA ePCR, our field data collection software, is the first software to be tested by PreMIS and both PreMIS and NEMSIS are impressed with our product. MCA ePCR was developed in-house and will be maximizing revenue, federal and state compliance, operational reporting and satisfying federal goals of achieving a national databank for emergency medical services. Best of all, MCA ePCR is free to our clients.



To learn more about our MCA ePCR software, please click here.


"In the 10 years we have been with MCA I can honestly say the professionalism and friendly service is second to none and we would highly recommend them to anyone that wants to out source their billing."
Estill County EMS