About Us

We Strive to Exceed Your Expectations.

Though we’re solely dedicated to the EMS industry, we are much more than just a billing service. Our clients depend on us to oversee and advise them on governmental regulations, training, contract recommendations, customized systems, reporting and more.

The operational level assistance we provide is key to our clients’ financial stability – and our clients always enjoy increased revenues. In many cases, we’ve more than doubled clients’ revenues.

We continually enhance our services and technologies to meet the changing needs of our clients. We strive to provide you the best possible service, patient assistance, technology, training and innovative solutions.

Our History

MCA was established in 1986, when privately-owned ambulance services were just beginning operations in our region and volunteer agencies were not billing. After seeing the resources provided to the private companies, volunteer agencies became interested in billing. MCA was instrumental in helping volunteer squads through the transition to charging for their services.


Despite the volunteers’ fears, the public supported the change. New equipment was purchased, new buildings were built and volunteers were eventually paid for their time. It was a win-win situation. As a result, Kentucky Medicare asked us to develop a mutual aid system for the state, and so, MCA was born.


"In the 10 years we have been with MCA I can honestly say the professionalism and friendly service is second to none and we would highly recommend them to anyone that wants to out source their billing."
Estill County EMS